1. What if you could discover any world secret by interviewing the dead, who would you want to interview? What secret would you want to uncover?

2. What did you find unique about the setting and how did it add to the story?

3. Did you think the obligations of being an Archivist limited Zoe’s and John’s freedom?

4. Which character would you most want to interview?

5. What do you think of the trust issues between Zoe and John?

6. What do you think of the duality of the Sly One’s personality?

7. What do you think about the Archivists choosing which secrets the world should know?

8. Do you agree with the Archivists that they should not allow a member of their society to be a political leader?

9. What did you think of the ending?

10. What secret do you think Zoe and Shaw saw?

11. If you keep your own journal are you completely honest in everything you write about your life experiences?

12. Do you think our history books accurately portray the history of the world? How about the descriptions and personality characteristics of historical figures?